Hi there! My name is Cassandra and I am the proud founder and owner of Wonder Assist. Providing you with an innovative way of outsourcing your administrative and secretarial needs. With my 20+ years of educational and business experience, I combine my technical knowledge, multi-tasking know-how and people driven skills to effectively help clients move their business forward.  I have a bubbly personality and an enthusiastic attitude, and am looking forward to assisting you!

My natural strength of integrity, resourcefulness, professionalism, and high-level organisational skills makes me confident that I will have a positive impact on your business. With corporate experience in all areas of administration and secretarial support, my aim is to provide you with quality services that exceed your expectations.

My mission is simple…I want to help my clients build and grow profitable businesses.





“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”

Eleanor Roosevelt 


One of my passions is to travel.  Explore the world, its culture, and its people.  It provides me with a sense of adventure and perspective.  Traveling is a way to test myself and to overcome fears and challenges that seem insurmountable…but it can also be freeing. It teaches you to dialogue with different cultures and adapt to your situation and surroundings.

Which is why I can confidently say that all of these experiences have made me a more well-rounded human being.

So…relax, take a breather, and let go of that time-consuming administration.

I’ve got it covered!